Four Savant

by Four Savant

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We are dedicated musicians that have many different tastes to collaborate into the sound that has become Four Savant.


released May 24, 2013



all rights reserved


Four Savant Miami, Florida

Four Savant is a Miami Fl based rock group that has a strong passion for the music they play. Each member contributes their own unique element to create songs that fit multiple genres. As aspiring and rising artists, Four Savant is determined to please the ears of music lovers around the world. ... more

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Track Name: Looking For A Way Out
Verse 1:

So your looking for your way out
your waiting on some boy to sweep you off
your feet


And its not going to happen girl
you say show me the way
what it is to be real
I'm telling you the truth girl
but your eyes won't open
and show you
what your doing to me

Verse 2
So your looking for your way out
your losing your grip girl
but you follow your heart

Track Name: Voices In My Head

Verse 1

Whiners and screamers and lovers are the voices in my head
One says love, one says jump but results are all the same
How do you want it? how do you see it? and who stabbed me in the back?
The colour is green! The colour is white! NO ! The voices in my head....

Verse 2

How do you want it? how do you see it? and who stabbed me in the back?
The colour is green! The colour is white! NO ! The voices in my head....
The voice is just a noise... the voice is just a noise.. but the feeling when I... LISTEN!


And the feeling to starts to fade when the voices start to ......3xs
Track Name: Exhibit
Verse 1

You can't begin to describe as to why you would even use those
Pointless and useless, mandatory bloody screams
Just sit there and exhibit my body.


Body, soul. I can't give no more of me.

Verse 2

Theres no looking back just rock those marks on your throat
And find the tranquility, of being used.
I know I love it and so should you 
Just shut your mind, escape your fate


I cant give no more of this whore.
Track Name: Dr. Dale Reed
Verse 1

And the truth will be ignored
For the reason of this pointless war
His warm gun is cool to the the touch
And hate is engraved in his bones.

Take my body home where
God has promised peace and no more hatred
I've seen so much blood its starting to
Make me sane...

Verse 2
No remorse is left in his soul
No idea of the cancer that grows
Say goodbye to society, and hope

Track Name: Green
Verse 1

You look inside, the green sky
As it drifts past the old man
You look inside, the green flame
Tasting the shame as it drips down her...
It drips down her tears

I have a broken finger

Verse 2
You look inside the key hole
That sits on the side of my head
Unlocking the hidden meaning.
Wishing on the wishing well
Bloodstains on the window sill
The bloodstains on the window..

Track Name: Transportation Affirmative
Verse 1

Constant view of the lost images
Blocking out reason for memory
Simply draw the line of sensory
Ignore the craving and hostility

You said you fell again
But can you really ask "why?"

Who can save?
Wash away your face. 2xs

Track Name: Cosmic Dream
Verse 1
And we dive right in
Straight into a love story
Mothers and fathers, their beatings
Are molding their sexuality
Now we all really enjoy
Being left, all alone

Pre chorus

And I swear to you as we swim around the sun
And I swear to you as we walk behind the moon
We sleep quietly

We're dreaming of the future of yesterday

Verse 2

No its not my words
That really describe how we feel
Its the the ripples left high in the sky
You know its giving us our last chance 2xs

Pre chorus

Track Name: Feel Good Trap
This dream again...
Nothing more than
A chill that warms my bones
Asleep again 
If you come to 
Please fall into my trap
Drink the water of the ocean
Breathe the water of the ocean
Drown with me in the oh


She has her hand with me mine
I can't Let her go
So we'll choose to know
This love
Will kill us both

Verse 2
 Asleep again
If you come to....

Kill us. kill us both….
Track Name: The Camel
Verse 1

And the camel came up to me
And the camel looks down on me
And the camel began to spit
And his nose began to bleed
No camel will run this country
And the people will start to see
Liberation is the fucking key
To end all this misery

Pre Chorus

And in the the end 
The leader of the world
Will have no friends


You like whats in your head
You eat whats in your brai
Do you remember what the camel.....

The only kind of control is running a one man show

What the camel
Track Name: 700 Miles Away
Verse 1

And I was watching, your youth float away
Your hair covers your face
Looking upwards towards the ground


'Cause Your 700 miles away
Dreamin' what the doctor prescribed
The paper gown honoring the crown
Of the junkie that was my queen

Verse 2

And its days where I feel gone
Nothing left but a 
Distant shadow


Ending verse

'Cause your 700 miles away
Because you couldn't look both ways before
Crossing - your legs
And its in your arms
And its in your nose
Spending 20 mins just to find your clothes
Wake up she's a queen
Wake up she's my queen
Track Name: 2150 Pt. I
Looking at the future knowing it's insane
Knowing nothing's left for me
Laugh and pretend that its all ok
This will be the end and you'll obey

Where is my 2150?

We're falling for
We're losing your
Everybody has to stand up and wake up!
Nothing will be left and no one kept!

Where is my 2150?

Why'd you kill her?